YMCA Youth workers join together to discuss Peacebuilding for the future

20 February 2015

YMCA are currently delivering a continuous professional development programme for Youth Workers. These pictures are from the second of six events that will be taking place between December 2014 and December 2015. The topic this week was ‘Peace Building’ led by Geraldine Stinton and her team from Belfast YMCA. We had input from Dr Martina McKnight from Queens University Belfast, who works with ARK on the Young Life and Times Research. This was to give the group current information on the issues in young peoples lives from a research perspective and it set the context for the 2 day residential. The Young Life and Times research is based on feedback from 16 year olds in Northern Ireland.

Topics for the CPD series include Outcomes, Peace Building, Health and Participation. This process includes exploration of a shared and consistent method of measuring outcomes, a shared value system and the sharing of experience, ideas and activities that have been successfully used throughout the movement in the North of Ireland about us. These topics are being lead by experienced practitioners and have included lively discussion, lots of activities and strong networking that is resulting in new and strengthened relationships across local associations which in turn, is leading to more collaborative working.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time spent exploring Peace Building and our YMCA values and intentionality around this topic.