Train the Trainers!

26 June 2015
The ‘Train the Trainers’ (TT) programme for delivering ‘Understand, Work with and Change Difficult Behaviour’ was developed from a training day on this subject.  Not everyone who would have liked to attend was able to do so on the day and the issue of difficult/challenging behaviour was one that each and every Local Association was dealing with at some level.  The TT programme was a way in which all staff and volunteers from each Local Association could access this training.  11 participants from across Ireland accessed this training which, in turn, can now be accessed by all staff and volunteers in each of their settings.  The purpose of the TT programme was that the training could be disseminated as and when it suited each setting and can now be delivered evenings, weekends, sessionally – whichever way works for that setting.  The content can also be tailored specifically to particular types/examples of difficult/challenging behaviour that are being faced by staff and volunteers in their settings.
Each participant on the training received a ‘Good Practice Guide and Toolkit for Youth Practitioners’ within which are a number of models and strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour.  The strategies and models are underpinned by choice theory and reality therapy, NLP and non violent communication theories.  Participants explored these strategies and theories throughout the 2 day training.  The group itself was a great source of learning as each participant came from a different type of setting and geographical area which added lots of different paradigms to discussions and activities and resulted in an enriching experience for all.