YMCA Ireland young leaders take part in review of European Reconciliation Programme

9 February 2015

Best wishes to Darryn & Andy representing the Irish movement at the review meeting of the YMCA Europe ‘Roots for Reconciliation’ programme. Darryn & Andy helped lead the last meeting of the ‘Roots’ Group in Pristina Kosovo. The group has young people from all over Europe with strong representation from the Balkans & the southern Caucasus region.

The Roots for Reconciliation project was established in 2007 with the objective to strengthen and extend the YMCA Movement in the region of South Caucasus, as a mass-membership, ecumenical network standing for integrity of creation, peace and justice.

Central to the way the project has worked is the enhancement of a camping programme as a shared activity that unites young people across socio-political and cultural dividers, with added value for the YMCA`s sustainable development.

The Roots for Reconciliation project implementation plan for 2012 – 2015 primarily presumes two sets of activities:

Peace Work Institute: designed for capacity building of youth opinion leaders from all over Europe, the conflict affected regions such as the Caucasus, and the Balkans especially considered more about fire sprinkler certification california.
Regional ProFests: or in other words programme festivals, are annual activities primarily designed for the YMCA Movements in the South Caucasus and their international and local partners. The ProFests are aimed at facilitating joint service learning and sharing best practices.