Portadown YMCA and Clounagh Pupils Say – Enough is Enough

29 June 2016


Clounagh Year 8c 2 Clounagh year 8C

Year 8 pupils from Clounagh Junior High School have decided ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to

Animal cruelty. For the last ten weeks pupils from Clounagh have taken part in a project facilitated

by Portadown YMCA aimed at tackling the issue of animal cruelty. The class took on the issue

following a number of recent media stories around the subject. The class were so passionate about

the issue they decided to take it to their peers in their year 8 assembly. The innovative year 8s also

had a professional flyer produced as part of the project in the hope it would help them spread the


Speaking a spokesperson for the class said ‘we are sick of hearing stories about people being cruel

to animals and we want to try stop it. Animals need to be cared for and we really want to raise

awareness so cruelty to animals can be stopped for good, enough is enough. We have already

taken the message to our school and we now want to let other people know about the issue.’

Darryn Causby (YMCA) who has been working with the class said ‘these young people are very

passionate about this issue and have worked very hard to develop a poster resource to provide

information around the welfare of animals. The school and the young people should be very

proud of their campaign and achievements’.

During the course of the project the pupils took the time to understand the issue of animal welfare

and they conducted some research on the topic, even taking the opportunity to talk to the local

Council who is responsible for the welfare of animals. A Council spokesperson said ‘we fully

support the young people and their initiative and we welcome all efforts to try stamp out cruelty,

we have been very impressed with the Clounagh pupils who have taken on this challenge and we

are glad to have been involved.  As the authority responsible for Non-Farmed animals we hope

that this campaign helps reduce animal welfare issues’

Mr Canning Principle of Clounagh Junior High School also added his praise on the pupils, he said

‘Clounagh JHS wants to be known as a caring school and these young people have shown that care

in a very practical way. Young people need to be aware of the facts around this issue and know

what to do if they suspect animals are being mistreated, this will equip them to help make a

positive change. We are a community school and we have been glad to work with Portadown

YMCA on this project as the benefits for our pupils have been great. The young people involved in

this project have done the school and their families proud and I know this project will make a real

difference to the welfare of animals.’

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