“Peace is among us” – Guest blog post from our friends in YMCA Kosovo to mark International Day of Peace

21 September 2020

Peace is our own reward towards humanity and most importantly towards ourselves, remember an eye for an eye in the end will make the whole world blind.

The most interesting thing about peace is that everyone wants it, peace is within everyone. The only reason we as humans haven’t achieved it yet is that some want peace in a different way. And the irony is that peace stops once people stop agreeing in that form of peace.

Being raised in a post war country, as a child I saw the material destruction war brought onto us, growing up I also started to see the emotional destruction as well. I was told plenty of stories regarding the war and every single one ended with “I am glad you didn’t and hopefully won’t get to live through it”. Which is what I hope for, not getting to live something as gruesome as seeing the peace we created get slowly vanished in front of our eyes

Therefore, the biggest fear I have is being in fear, which means not having peace around and within.

There are no magic solutions to give away, no magic bullets that shoot towards peace…

The melancholia of imagining the world without peace, only gets away when I realize peace is on my hands as well, and that’s the beauty of peace. You cannot own it but you can have it, you create it once and you cannot let it go anymore.

I am forever happy to be a part of a generation where to us peace is sacred, it is something that actually makes us unite. Having seen injustice happen we woke up from the slumber and saw that we can actually be a change in this world, for once the youth are speaking a similar language, that of the peace.

Countries, politics, religion aside we now are united, there is nothing we can lose, but our chains.

About the Author:

Eli Vula, is an eighteen and she’s from Kosovo. She has been part of the YMCA in Kosovo in many different programs and now she has her own writing group, where every week they gather together at the YMCA to write poetry, essays, and discuss different topics.