National Council AGM brings new Purpose and Personalities

21 December 2015


 IMG_20151114_103950 This year’s National AGM was a day of transformation. The meeting was held in 3 locations

Ballincollig, Belfast & Dublin joined by video link. The key focus was modernising the YMCA purposes. This was achieved

unanimously with new purposes reflecting our branding, young people’s development, healthy living and community engagement.

There was also time to elect our new President Andy Hamilton and listen to words of wisdom from him and our outgoing President Campbell Killick.

campbell Some rich and powerful words from our outgoing

President Dr Campbell Killick

At its best the YMCA combines the enthusiasm, motivation and responsiveness of volunteers with the training proficiency and governance of professionals

At its best the YMCA combines its grounding and expertise  in youth work with a broader set of skills in health and community settings

At its best the YMCA combines the knowledge and networks of local associations with the scale strength and diversity of a national or even a global collaboration

At its best the YMCA combines Christian values of justice, mercy, and humility  with an acceptance of equality and diversity

CG6yuAaXIAAGe8x Andy Hamilton’s reply as incoming President
The YMCA is a place where:Those who feel isolated find friendship and belonging

Those who feel trapped find freedom

Those who feel divided find the tools to dismantle divisions

Those who feel stupid discover their full creative ability

Those who feel overlooked feel seen and valued

Those who feel helpless find support

Those who want to give, give passionately