YMCA Larne

  • Contact Person: Lisa McCloy
  • Email: Lisa@larneymca.org
  • Telephone: 00 44 28 2827 9331
  • Address: 34a Pound Street, Larne, BT40 1SD
  • Hours of Business:
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About YMCA Larne

YMCA Larne was established in 1982.

Larne YMCA provides an extensive suite of after school clubs, autism support programme, youth groups and holiday schemes for young people in the Larne area but also through outreach to communities in Carnlough, Ballyclare, Greenisland and Whitehead. An important part of its work is developing the leadership capacity of young leaders so that they can contribute back to their communities. The YMCA also works in close partnership with other community organisations and has supported them to deliver play sessions in local parks. An important theme of all Larne YMCA’s work is to promote diversity and interdependence between different groups in the community.

YMCA Larne is managed by a local board of management.