Latest News from the National Executive

7 September 2015

The National Executive met on Wednesday the 30th of September. It received updates from the summer programmes including, Greenhill summer activity camps, RoI leadership development ,County Cork global youth work, and NI global youth work projects. In addition, it discussed this normal monthly items including the financial update and its Programme Focus was NI Training Initiative while the Policy focus was Child Protection Policy.

A major part of the discussions included preparation for the forthcoming AGM. There are major decisions to be taken with regard to the organisation’s Memorandum and Articles. It is hoped at the meeting will be effective in modernising these documents by updating the purposes or objects of the organisation and by reviewing the Articles or Powers of the organisation so that they are fit for present purposes. Modernisation of the objects will refine them into five parts:

  1. promoting of youth development education
  2. promoting healthy living
  3. promoting community engagement
  4. providing relief for those in distress or need and
  5. supporting the wider YMCA movement development, providing  a link to the international movement and support for the Global South.

On a sadder note, The Executive acknowledged the recent death of Carrickfergus YMCA’s Chairperson and long term friend of the YMCA Robert Hunter


Full details of the envisaged changes can be view here