Happy New Year

11 January 2015

Happy 2015

Between Strategic plans, funder requirements and our local association’s needs, much of our activity for 2015 is already mapped out – but what innovations are we working towards this coming year.

1 Deeper collaboration with our local YMCAs

Look out for big strides forward, particularly in the Republic, in our quest to ensure we become one ‘joined up’ Movement. We expect our Cork, Dublin and National operations to move forward as one organisation in the coming year, creating one staff team, one strategy and one business model. This is challenging work, but the strength we will gain through collective working will allow us to sustain the our organisation and provide new and improved services to our young people.

2 Focus on enabling our frontline staff

Through our new training initiative and the new practice development committee, we will prioritise the needs of our face to face workforce to ensure the quality of provision is continually improving and meets not minimum but best standards of vision, reflective analysis and support to young people.

3 Stronger engagement of young people in the Organisation’s leadership

We need to keep renewing our leadership, making it relevant to the young people we work with, returning the YMCA to being a truly youth movement. During the year we will encourage youth engagement in all areas of development, programmes, trusteeship and international work.

I hope all of us, Trustees, users, staff and supporters can join together in making 2015 a year to meet every challenge as an opportunity and make our purpose, our focus and the young people we wish to serve the centre of all our efforts.


Stephen Turner

National Secretary

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