Disability Awareness – Londonderry YMCA explores new territory

2 March 2015
Disability Awareness 1

Londonderry YMCA hosted the first of two Disability Awareness Workshops on Saturday Morning.  Youth Workers who attended were from the YMCA and also local youth groups who work along with the YMCA in the Londonderry area.  This day was facilitated by Dan Byrne who has worked with young people of all ages with disabilities for almost 30 years.  Dan’s knowledge and experience made this an very informative morning.  Using a Youth Work methodology all those who participated in this training were given real insight into how it feels to negotiate the world with an obvious disability click and find a personal trainer san diego.  Dan begins with the premise that we are all disabled in some way, however some disabilities are more obvious.  This was an insightful and fun workshop and all who attend are really looking forward to next week.  The photo was taken after an exercise where we were all given a piece of paper with a message that we had to communicate without using words.  Now that was a challenge!!