We are the chaplaincy team for the YMCAs in Ireland. In the autumn of 2020, we launched our new Chaplaincy Programme seeking to support young people, staff, families, and communities.

We piloted a new training programme to place volunteer lay (not ordained) chaplains in our centres. We started training participants in October 2020 through February 2021 (see training sessions below). We had our first set of volunteer chaplains start in the new role March 2021.

We look forward to recruiting, training, and having a new cohort of volunteer chaplains in the autumn of 2022. We are seeking chaplains for our Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Greenhill/Newcastle, Larne, and Portadown centres. If you are interested in volunteering with us, email our National Coordinating Chaplain, Anne, for more information about the programme. Applications for the 2022/23 cohort are now closed.

Chaplaincy Training Programme

(Sept./Oct. 2022 – Jan./Feb. 2023)

Chaplaincy Everywhere Training Sessions*

  1. Caught Up in the Mission of God
  2. As Christ in the World
  3. The Spirit of Chaplaincy
  4. The Cloak of Chaplaincy
  5. What Chaplains Do 
  6. Chaplaincy in Today’s World

*learn more about the Chaplaincy Everywhere course here.

Practical Skills Sessions

  1. Listening Skills facilitated by Dianne Morris, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor (TBC for 2022)
  2. Bereavement & Boundaries facilitated by Joan Singleton, Irish Bible Institute Tutor, Pastoral Care and Ministry & Personal Development Programme Supervisor (TBC for 2022)
  3. Mental Health First Aid facilitated by Tom Tate, Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Workshop Facilitator at WhyMind (TBC for 2022)
  4. Coaching and Facilitation skills facilitated by Sam Moore and Ann Marie Kerr, Leadership Development Trainers at Innovista Ireland (TBC for 2022)

What’s happening…

Since 1904, World YMCA has teamed up with the YWCA to host a week of prayer. Off the back of last year’s week of prayer, we are continuing to pray monthly with one another. If you’re a part of a YWCA or YMCA in Ireland, do join us on the fourth Thursday of the month 10.30-11am on Google Hangout, click here to see event.
Learn more about the week of prayer on YMCA International’s website here. Read the helpful booklet that was created with various themes, passages, & reflections.

Self Care & Reflection Resources

Self care is vital to holistic health, practicing reflection, good rhythms and more can boost our health for our mind, body, & spirit. 

Here’s a reflection resource for thinking through the past 2 years of the pandemic.

And here’s a self care resource for self care in mind, body, spirit, & more. Might be helpful to do it now and review in a few months time. 

Contact us if you’d like help with these or to simply chat through them or more guidance in your reflection.

Jenny, our Cork Chaplain, has put together a few Tips for Returning to Normality (click here to view)

“One of the most important things to remember, throughout this whole new stage, is that you are not alone. This is a new and different experience for everyone and it is perfectly normal to find life after lockdown scary and overwhelming.”

Think reflect, pray, & take action around the climate crisis? 🌍

Breige O’Hare, writer, spiritual director and facilitator, has put together a lovely resource that can help inform and guide our prayers and reflections. Download it here:


We are the YMCA’s volunteer team of chaplains in Ireland. (tap or hover to see bio)

Coordinating Chaplain contact:

Dublin Chaplain

Greenhill/Newcastle Chaplain

Anne Baenziger

Anne Baenziger

National Coordinating Chaplain

Anne moved to Dublin from the States in 2013. She's been leading Breathe, a pioneer ministry of the Methodist Church in Ireland & from 2013-2020 she coordinated a youth leadership programme in Dublin schools with Innovista Ireland. Since June 2020, she has taken on this new role to develop our chaplaincy programme. She's based in Dublin where you will find her cycling, drinking coffee, & watching movies.

Gareth Bell

Gareth Bell

Greenhill/Newcastle Chaplain

"Gareth describes himself as a: Doubtful Believer, Straight Talking Stutterer, Ignatian Explorer, Passionate Introvert, Coffachocaholic, Thoughtful Troublemaker. He's worked in various sectors & when he’s not studying or creating courses for developing others, you'll find him watching Netflix, reading or asking the question “would you like to see a magic trick?” If you're passing Mauds, his favourite ice-cream is Belgian Chocolate."

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