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26 March 2020

COVID – 19 Statement from our National Secretary

For 175 years the YMCA has been delivering life-enhancing programmes to young people and families in their communities around the world and all across Ireland. We have responded to events in history that have changed the face of the world and today we face another of these challenges as we endure this Covid-19 pandemic. The […]

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25 October 2019

Looking forward to AGM 2019 on 9th November

AGM residential starting at 8pm on 8th November at Greenhill and the actual AGM at Glenada at 10am on 9th November.

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30 September 2019

New £1.4m YMCA opened in Portadown

YMCA Portadown have operated on their current Jervis Street site since 1957 with their original building serving the community for 61 years. Following an announcement for a capital grant in 2013 YMCA Portadown embarked on an exciting new build project. Fast forward to 2019 and Portadown YMCA is pleased to see the completed building in […]

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9 July 2019


During the month of June, YMCAs throughout the world joined together to celebrate the movement’s 175th Birthday by committing to do 175 minutes of service in their local communities. In Ireland, local YMCAs were involved in a wide range of creative activities including random acts of kindness, community clean ups, fundraising events for other charities […]

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15 May 2019

Outside In ..

Great to see a new resource aimed at youth workers engaging with young people who express hateful speech and/or behaviour. The resource produced by NYCI, was developed by a number of youth work practitioners, including Zen from YMCA Cork. Congratulations to all involved in producing this valuable resource. Training available from NYCI

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2 April 2019

M-power celebrates

Young people from all of the YMCAs participating in the Peace IV Funded m-power programme gathered in Belfast to mark the completion of its first year. The focus was on hearing the stories of young people whose lives had been enriched as a result of their participation in it. Geraldine Stinton, co-ordinator, paid tribute to […]

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13 February 2019

YMCA Celebrates 175 years

This is an important year for the YMCA movement as it celebrates 175 years of service to young people. To celebrate a major event is planned for the Excel centre London in August. In Ireland this is also an important year as we join with our colleagues in YMCA Dublin to mark its 170th anniversary […]

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10 December 2018

YMCA Practitioners Conference

Great to have so many YMCA staff and volunteers attend the recent Practitioners’ Conference in Swords where the main speaker was Prof Laura Lundy from Queens University. The main focus was on looking at the Lundy model of youth participation and reflection on how it is being used in YMCA programmes across the island. Follow […]

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8 November 2018

YMCA Young Leaders Meet in Greenhill

Young leaders from local YMCAs throughout the island met recently in Greenhill YMCA Outdoor Learning Centre to share their experiences of being a young leader in the YMCA. They also looked at developing a Youth Charter for the movement before looking at ways in which their voice could be heard more effectively in governance and […]

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19 October 2018

STEP 30 Celebrations

YMCA’s STEP programme has just celebrated a remarkable milestone recently when it completed 30 years of serving young people.  Young people, parents, trustees and staff joined events in Letterkenny, Dublin and Cork to hear the stories of young people who have been involved in programmes over the past three decades. A highlight of the celebrations […]

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