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10 September 2018

YMCA Young Reporters Interview Deputy UN Secretary General

YMCA’s Young Reporters interviewed  Amina JMohammed UN Deputy Secretary General on her recent visit to Ireland as part of her campaign to promote the Sustainable Development Goals among young people. A podcast of the interview as part of the YMCA ConversationZ series will be made available shortly

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21 August 2018

Learning from Exchanges

International exchanges  can provide valuable learning experiences for young people and for organisations. In this blog for Leargas, James Bilson Coordinator of YMCA STEP programme in Cobh  reflects on some of the learning from a recent partnership with an organisation in Iceland.

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19 July 2018

World Council of YMCAs meets in Thailand

The 19th YMCA World Council council met in July in Chiang Mai in Thailand. The action packed week included powerful presentations and inputs from YMCA Change Agents who are young people who have been involved in strategic leadership development opportunities. The long-term strategy for the World YMCA continues to be in youth empowerment. Some of the other highlights […]

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6 June 2018

Launch of YMCA/YWCA m-power youth project

Young people, staff and representatives of YMCA Ireland, YWCA Ireland, partner agencies and funders attended the official launch of the m-power youth project in City of Belfast YMCA. The m-power launch event was part of our celebrations to mark Founder’s Day on 6th June 1844, the date when George Williams established the YMCA in London. […]

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10 May 2018

VOLT ( Volunteer Outdoor Learning & Training) Initiative

The VOLT initiative, is a partnership between YMCA Greenhill and the NI Education Authority which will provide opportunities for young people to be trained as Outdoor Learning workers over a two year period.  The Programme begins August 2018 and will provide Level 3 training in youth work and a range of National Governing Body awards in […]

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13 April 2018

YMCA Youthquake

Young leaders from YMCA in Ireland participated in the first ‘YMCA Youthquake’ event hosted by YMCA England and Wales on 27 March. Young people, including representatives from YMCA England & Wales and YMCA Scotland were challenged to develop innovative solutions to mental health issues using design thinking methodologies.  Participants solutions will feed into the YMCA […]

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9 March 2018

Youth Voices on SDGs.

This video, produced by young people from YMCA’s Young Reporters group reminds us of how we, through our youth work activities, can help bring about a more fair and equal world. The SDGs YOUth Summit, organised by NYCI was an inspiring event where young people explored the role that they can play to help achieve […]

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7 February 2018

A dog in the ( counselling) room!

Over the past year, staff in YMCA Cork’s counselling service has been a part of a trial to see how having a dog in the counselling room helps young people to relax. This video gives an insight into how it has worked from the perspective of the young people and the counsellor

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10 January 2018

Mpower gets under way!

YMCA is excited to welcome twenty new staff as part of the Peace 4 funded Mpower project. The four year project will work with young people in the 14-24 age group in all local YMCAs in N Ireland as well as in Monaghan YWCA. A range of initiatives will be designed and delivered to enhance the […]

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21 December 2017

Helping to create a Flourishing YMCA!

Staff from every YMCA in the country met in Swords to learn more about the concept of Flourishing and how we can use some of the learning from the growing field of positive psychology to create spaces where young people, volunteers and staff can flourish! The main speaker was Simon Ward, an educational psychologist who […]

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